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More phpFox v4.5.3 Standalone Core Apps have been Released!

Recently, we released one of the phpFox’s standalone core apps which is the Blog App v4.5.3. And as we continue, we are releasing more standalone core apps of phpFox in the store. More phpFox Standalone Core Apps As we released these updated core apps, we made sure that all the issues from the current version […]

New Apps and Themes in July and August 2017

Hey, fellas! We’re back with the new apps and themes for the month of July and August. Yes, we will introduce all the newly added plugins in the store by our 3rd party developers for the last two months. I’m sure some of you already tried and purchased these apps. But for those who still […]

Standalone Core Blog App v4.5.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest phpFox core Blog App v4.5.3. It is now added to the list of phpFox standalone apps and can be downloaded and installed together with the other phpFox core apps in the store.  Check out the complete list of the core apps here. New Features and Improvements […]

Introducing SE Importer – SAVE 50% for moving from SocialEngine to phpFox!

phpFox releases SE Importer or SocialEngine Importer app. This app is a tool for you to migrate a site from SocialEngine to the phpFox platform. What is SE Importer? SE Importer is a free app that can import all the core data from your current SocialEngine site to phpFox v4.5.2 or later. It can import all the […]

Vote for phpFox as the Best Social Network Solution

5 years ago, way back in 2012, phpFox won as the Best Social Network Solution in Critic’s Choice CMS Award. And until now, we are so grateful for the people who voted for us back then. Now, we will need your full support again. phpFox has been chosen by CMS Critics as one of the […]

phpFox CDN and Amazon CDN as Standalone Apps!

phpFox CDN and Amazon CDN are now available for download directly in the store as we have released the phpFox version 4.5.3. These two apps are now standalone apps and are separated from the core platform of phpFox. In other words, they can be easily installed directly from the store through your AdminCP for free. […]

phpFox 4.5.3 has been released!

We are pleased to announce the release of phpFox 4.5.3. We are talking about the latest stable version of phpFox. This version is focused on only 1 main objective: improving significantly the quality of the Core script. We also studied thoroughly and fixed all the issues you have submitted on phpFox Community and GitHub. You can […]

phpFox 4.5.3 is coming out soon!

Latest news from phpFox! Hey, fellas! We have good news for you! Our latest version of phpFox is coming out pretty soon before this month end. We are excited to announce the latest feature improvements in this upcoming version. While you are waiting for the release of phpFox 4.6.0, let us give you this latest […]

phpFox Affiliate – How It Works

This post is to explain more how the phpFox Affiliate works, provides you with all affiliate banners and necessary instructions. phpFox Affiliate banners To those who are already active Affiliates of phpFox sales, the following banners are for you to use on your websites, blogs or wherever you want to put it together with your Unique Referral […]

Earn Money in phpFox’s Affiliate Program

Are you a full-time employee looking for an additional way to Earn Money? Or maybe you’re one of those freelancers working in the most flexible way in their chosen field. Either you belong to any of these two or you are anyone who is looking for a faster way to earn money, you’re on the right […]