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Community Forum Updated

PHPfox Community Forum Updated

With the community changed to showcase PHPfox as a demo we’ve also reorganised and simplified the forums. We used to have our community here prior to the reorganisation.

We’ve now created a forum for:

– Pre-Sales Questions
This area is for pre-sales client who can ask other PHPfox members about the product and the services offered. If you’re a PHPfox Site Owner it’s highly recommended to help out future PHPfox Site Owners.

– Nebula – v3
This forum is for those running PHPfox v3. The threads from the former forum General Support and Questions was changed to this forum Nebula – v3.

– Neutron – v4
Here those who are interested in running Neutron can discuss about it’s feature and how to customise it etc.

– Playground – Testing Area
This area is meant for pre-clients and PHPfox members who simply want to test how a thread and/or a comment works.

If you have been a PHPfox Client prior to May 25th, 2015 you can access your license at your PHPfox Clients Account

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  1. CainO' says:

    I moved my site from one server to another, but the user upload files did not and will not copy over for some reason. Not only that, but users cannot upload new photos and etc… What went wrong and how do I fix it???


    Thanx, CainO’

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