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Delay in Installs & Upgrades

We wanted to make a quick announcement that installs & upgrades have been a little slow this week due to v4 going stable and the increase in installs/upgrades taking place. We had brought in more techs to take this into account as installs usually spike during a new release, however the spike was higher then expected so we are bringing in a few more techs in the morning.

We apologise for the delay and we will get your sites up and running shortly.

If you got tired of waiting for us and got your site up and running, on your own and made a purchase for our install service, just let us know so we can send you a refund.

We have sales reps going over install tickets now to make sure all our customers are getting a response from us.

Thank you for your patience!

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  1. David says:

    So the download you have available for v4 is a stable version now? I was told by one of your techs that it is not stable yet. Please clarify. Do you have instructions on how to upgrade from v3.8?

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