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Neutron v4.0.1 Released

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Commit Log


Modified Files

  • PF.Base/include/checksum/md5
  • PF.Base/include/init.inc.php
  • PF.Base/include/library/phpfox/image/library/gd.class.php
  • PF.Base/include/library/phpfox/module/module.class.php
  • PF.Base/include/library/phpfox/phpfox/phpfox.class.php
  • PF.Base/include/library/phpfox/setting/setting.class.php
  • PF.Base/include/library/phpfox/template/template.class.php
  • PF.Base/include/xml/.gitignore
  • PF.Base/install/include/installer.class.php
  • PF.Base/install/include/version/4.0.0.php
  • PF.Base/install/include/version/4.0.0rc1.php
  • PF.Base/less/forms.less
  • PF.Base/less/helpers.less
  • PF.Base/less/modules/forum.less
  • PF.Base/less/responsive.less
  • PF.Base/module/.gitignore
  • PF.Base/module/admincp/include/component/controller/index.class.php
  • PF.Base/module/admincp/include/component/controller/module/index.class.php
  • PF.Base/module/admincp/include/component/controller/setting/edit.class.php
  • PF.Base/module/admincp/include/service/setting/setting.class.php
  • PF.Base/module/captcha/install/version/4.0.0.xml.php
  • PF.Base/module/captcha/install/version/4.0.1.xml.php
  • PF.Base/module/core/include/component/controller/index-member.class.php
  • PF.Base/module/core/install/phpfox.xml.php
  • PF.Base/module/core/install/version/4.0.0.xml.php
  • PF.Base/module/core/install/version/4.0.1.xml.php
  • PF.Base/module/core/template/default/block/template-breadcrumbmenu.html.php
  • PF.Base/module/event/install/version/4.0.0.xml.php
  • PF.Base/module/event/install/version/4.0.1.xml.php
  • PF.Base/module/feed/include/component/block/display.class.php
  • PF.Base/module/feed/include/service/feed.class.php
  • PF.Base/module/feed/install/phpfox.xml.php
  • PF.Base/module/feed/install/version/4.0.0.xml.php
  • PF.Base/module/feed/install/version/4.0.1.xml.php
  • PF.Base/module/forum/include/component/controller/thread.class.php
  • PF.Base/module/forum/include/service/thread/thread.class.php
  • PF.Base/module/forum/install/version/4.0.0.xml.php
  • PF.Base/module/forum/install/version/4.0.1.xml.php
  • PF.Base/module/forum/template/default/controller/thread.html.php
  • PF.Base/module/page/install/phpfox.xml.php
  • PF.Base/module/photo/include/component/controller/frame.class.php
  • PF.Base/module/report/include/component/block/profile.class.php
  • PF.Base/module/report/template/default/block/profile.html.php
  • PF.Base/module/user/include/component/controller/photo.class.php
  • PF.Base/module/user/include/service/process.class.php
  • PF.Base/module/user/template/default/block/admincp/deleteUser.html.php
  • PF.Base/static/jscript/ajax.js
  • PF.Base/static/jscript/main.js
  • PF.Base/static/jscript/progress.js
  • PF.Base/theme/adminpanel/default/style/default/jscript/menu.js
  • PF.Base/theme/default/flavor/default.css
  • PF.Src/Api/User.php
  • PF.Src/Api/User/Object.php
  • PF.Src/Core/App.php
  • PF.Src/Core/App/Object.php
  • PF.Src/Core/Is.php
  • PF.Src/Core/Phrase.php
  • PF.Src/Core/View.php
  • README.md
  • index.php

16 Responsesso far.

  1. jamesakenney says:

    Woo! Let the downloads begin!!!

  2. Paul says:

    Is this version 4 of phpfox , sorry I know I am probably being really thick !!!

  3. Jada says:

    Love it! Ready to download but I need more plugins 🙁 When will they be available or who’s the best 3rd party provider for neutron plugins?

    • Raymond Benc says:

      With every major version, especially one that introduces a new engine to create apps it takes a few weeks for developers to port over their add-ons. Since add-ons developed for v3 can be installed in v4, this shouldn’t take to long for devs to port their add-ons.

      What sort of a plug-in are you looking for?

  4. darbeg says:

    How can we upgrade from v3?

  5. cimbor says:

    I have purchased a license. And I know that I can install version 4. But as I almost can migrate to version 3 (live website) to version 4. Is it possible, in principle, with saving the entire contents of the website and the users? Perhaps there are step by step instructions.

    • Raymond Benc says:

      You can upgrade from v3 to v4 as it comes with an upgrade routine. All that needs to be done is to first backup your site and then following the upgrade instructions found here: http://support.phpfox.com/upgrading-phpfox/manually-upload-files/

      Did you want to first upgrade a test community without overwriting your live site?

      • Dushan says:

        Yes. From the beginning I want to install this update on a test (development) site, like copy from my original (live) site to development and without overwriting my live site data. If everything is working well – go completely to version 4. Such migration is possible?

        • Raymond Benc says:

          Got it, yes this is possible and is recommended for those running live communities.

          There are several ways to accomplish this and it depends on what sort of access you have to your web server. Do you have SSH access or just FTP? Do you have access to a cPanel that comes with PHPMyAdmin?

  6. Dushan says:

    It’s my privat hardware and software server (co-location and dedicated servers). I meant what I have full root SSH and root for all (PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, etc)

  7. Dushan says:

    1) Before Upgrade
    All right. I got to upgrade from 3.8 to 4.0.2. However, not without some difficulty. Namely:
    – at the first step after the I enter license ID&key, upgrade started from version 3.7.7, although I stood 3.8 ))
    …..and at this stage it is stuck (as all past times)

    and only after I turnON the debug mode (the file “dev.sett.php” created and wrote it “define(‘PHPFOX_DEBUG’, true);”), I saw the following errors:
    – In the table “theme” did not specify a default value for the field “folder”
    – In the table “theme_style” did not specify a default value for the field “folder” and “created”

    Inserting new rows in this 2 tables resulted in an error and stops the upgrade script.
    After I have the default values for these fields – the update will continue, but again, just before the stage where it was necessary to remove the old “server.sett.php”.
    Allow all the right to change this file – Update finished successfully.

    2) After Upgrade
    The problems appeared when I turned on the “rewrite” mode. Stopped to show pictures, music, etc. All objects that are in the folder “file”

    – what folder “file” (for the root web directory) is considered to be the primary: “/file” or “PF.Base/file”?
    – and second: If the folder “PF.” for version 4 is the main, what to do with old folders that belonged to the 3 versions (file, included, modules, theme, etc…). If I understand correctly, ideally in the root directory of the web v4 should be only three folders starting with “PF.”

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