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Welcome to the new phpFox Website!

We’ve got good news for you! We are excited to announce that we just published our new phpFox website! Our team worked hard to collect all the information needed and properly organized them into a one powerful, informative yet cool and user-friendly website. From the Developers to the Managers up to the Director, we collaboratively […]

phpFox 2017 Plan

This blog was originally planned to release by end of this week. However we’re too excited to wait since the plan for 2017 is very interesting, we have to share with you ASAP. It’s quite a long list of many challenges. But with the current team, which has been strengthened last few months, we’re confident of the success. […]

Updates on Installation Service and Affiliate Program

Howdy everyone, We have had wonderful and energetic week. Hope you are all too. Today, we have some more interesting updates for you. The first update is about phpFox Installation / Upgrade Service. We are pleased to announce that the price of our Installation Service has significantly reduced to only $30. Moreover, we expand our installation service to include setting up, configuring all required softwares on your server […]

phpFox inFocus Returns!

Welcome back to inFocus! We are quite pleased to be bringing back this popular series. In the past, we included helpful tips, developer interviews, and various topics that were suggested by members of our community. On tap for our first inFocus article, coming within the next few weeks, will be a focus on a 3rd […]

Update on Progress PHPfox Account, Store and Community

Hello! We hope everyone is having happy holiday times for those celebrating now and for upcoming holiday events! We would like to update you all on our progress with our Neutron product and our websites. First, our client area has gotten some attention and improvements to make things easier and provide more security for our […]

Upcoming Site Updates & New Staff

We are pleased to announce our team has grown with the addition of 4 developers and with more to come. The very talented, OvalSky will take over as our Lead Developer for our core platform. To support the development of our product we have the awesomeness that Robert and Neil bring to the table. To make sure everything […]

Welcome Donna!

While Donna Bryant (data66) isn’t new to our community, we would like to welcome her as our newly appointed Sales & Community manager. She has been with the PHPfox family for so long and has helped countless of clients build their social networks on her own free time. We are pleased to have her aboard. Welcome […]

Developer Fee Removed

We are currently working on improving our Store Front to tie in with a lot of exciting new changes coming with our product. In light of this information we will be removing the 20% developers fee effectively. Additionally, developers will receive the payment of each order made by a client directly to their PayPal account.