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New Apps and Themes in April 2017

We all know that having 3rd party apps in your site make it looks more stunning and well-functioned when it comes to performance. Our 3rd party developers are continuously adding new apps and themes in our store. Let’s have a quick look back about some new apps and themes in April 2017 1. Advanced Mail […]

Core Video App v4.5.3 Release

After receiving many feedbacks from you about our new Core Video App which can be found at, we are now pleased to announce the release of Core Video App v4.5.3 is ready. In this version, we’ve fixed some major issues as following: If you share a video which porting from old Video app to this […]

Introduction to the new Video App – Upload to local server

The long wait is over! You can now upload videos to your local server. We all know that you are all waiting for this feature of phpFox’s new video app. Let us share with you the rest of its functionalities. People love watching a video, and video is one of the important factors to keep […]

New Apps and Themes in March 2017

If you have a chance to visit phpFox Store, you will see that our 3rd party developers have filled March with many new apps and themes there. Let have a look at the long list of those new products below. 1. Featured Videos by Foxer –…      – Introduction:           […]

New apps and themes in February 2017

Let’s have a quick look back on some new apps and themes in February 1. Advanced Music from –… – Introduction: ++ Multiple uploads mp3 files and Soundcloud integration ++ Sticky player (play song, albums, artists songs, playlists) during your browsing site. ++ Good design and more than 23 blocks ++ Users can […]

New apps and themes in January 2017

1. Regions / States from Foxer      Introduction: We have created this app to cover missing regions and states for all countries all over the world. Over 4 thousand regions will be added and will automatically appear if user selects any country available on registration or when searching for members on members browse page. […]

Developers Tip – Working with Global & User Group Settings in Neutron

Adding settings to your app is done a little differently in Neutron in comparison to Nebula. Everything can be done from the comfort of your app.json file. To learn more, Check out the article

Making your Admin Omnipotent

With v4 we changed how each section displays content by default, even for the Admin user itself. Each section, including the activity feed displays content from a users friends list. This in a sense prevents users from spamming other members, and if they do a user can at anytime unfriend that person. The only sections that […]

Check out the new Check-in by Vieber

Note: Product is in beta testing Add a Check-in feature to your social network using this app, which is powered by the Google Places API. Once you have installed the app you get 200 check-ins per month. In-app purchases will be available to purchase more check-ins. Requirements PHPfox >= 4.0.5 Web server that allows external […]

Developers Tip – Working with Blocks

Your app may not need full out controllers and may focus on creating features by providing sites with additional blocks. You can define specific controllers a block should show up on. To learn more, check out the doc