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Legacy Upgrade Issue

We have seen an issue in upgrading large legacy sites. This issue is not impacting new installs but only large legacy sites that upgrade. At this time, we suggest those on legacy versions to wait for our v4.4. release to upgrade as it will have special optimizations for legacy upgrades. Those installing fresh do not […]

phpFox 3.9.0 Released

We are pleased to announce this final¬†release of our V3 product line with V3.9.0. This marks the end of life for our V3 product line. No further development or releases will be done in that line as we focus now on our V4 product line. As mentioned in our previous post, this will also close […]

Fixing YouTube Device Support Issues for v3

If you are running the Video module for v3 you may have noticed your videos being pasted from YouTube come with a “Device Support” warning. To fix this issue, download this zip. Unzip, and you will find the PHP file “grab.class.php”. Replace the one on your PHPfox website by uploading it to the folder: /module/video/include/service/ […]

How to Enable or Disable Modules in PHPfox

When starting a brand new Social Network you want to be unique in order to stand out and to get people to notice your community. In order to make your niche Social Network unique you need to change a few settings in PHPfox to work the way you want it to work. A lot of […]

Engage your community with useful PHPfox Add-ons

Below are some great add-ons to engage your Social PHPfox Community. International Social Network If you run a social website with international members a good and quick solution is to have an auto-translate on your social network. You could install this great (and FREE) Bing Translation. If you have a great amount of members from […]