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New Apps and Themes in March 2017

If you have a chance to visit phpFox Store, you will see that our 3rd party developers have filled March with many new apps and themes there. Let have a look at the long list of those new products below. 1. Featured Videos by Foxer –…      – Introduction:           […]

New apps and themes in February 2017

Let’s have a quick look back on some new apps and themes in February 1. Advanced Music from –… – Introduction: ++ Multiple uploads mp3 files and Soundcloud integration ++ Sticky player (play song, albums, artists songs, playlists) during your browsing site. ++ Good design and more than 23 blocks ++ Users can […]

Featuring the Andromeda theme for PHPfox Neutron

Get the Andromeda Theme

3 New Themes for PHPfox Neutron – Wisteria, Green Sea & Alizarin

This instalment of themes we are releasing is based on the default theme and provides 3 different flavors. Before installing these themes, make sure you are running our latest version or higher, which at the time of this writing is 4.0.3. To install themes, visit your AdminCP and click on Themes and then Find More […]